Sangnam Night Market ‘Daekkiri’ hits the jackpot!

‘Daekkiri Night Market,’ the first regular night market in Gyeongsangnam-do, has drawn a lot of shoppers. On the weekends alone, thousands of people came by this beautiful market for two weeks in a row since its grand opening. In particular, the grand opening
of the night market was readily spread through the social network service. An official from Changwon Traditional Market said, “More than 3,000 shoppers visit the market on weekends.”


▲ A complete view of Sangnam Night Market ‘Daekkiri’.

Even on a rainy day, Daekkiri Market was crowded with a lot of visitors at night. Even though it was gloomy and lonely outside the market, Daekkiri Market was full of energy and vigor. The two paths were crowded with a lot of shoppers. It appeared that there were a lot of young people.

A variety of unique delicacies such as Soft Ball (jar-shaped sticky sesame bread stuffed with warm mushroom soup) and Tongsaeu Mandu (dumpling steamed with a whole shrimp) are served. Especially, fish-shaped ice cream called ‘Abung’ is so popular that
you may have to wait in a long line to taste this. In fact, Abung was all sold out on weekends so that you need to wait at least a week to get the ice cream. The
homemade Ssal Jjinbbang (rice-powdered steamed red bean bun), hotdogs and hotteoks(sweet pancakesn with brown sugar syrup filling) are also popular.

Two young women in 20s visited Sangnam Market after hearing its grand opening through Facebook and said, “It’s wesome. See, there are a lot of people. Abung! It
is really delicious!”

A merchant who is about to launch his business in this market said, “I have run
computer repair business in this market. I think we hit the jackpot!” He added with an excited look on his face, “I’ve never seen this huge crowd at night in this market before.”

Right now, there are 38 restaurants and 4 accessory shops in Daekkiri. In addition, more than 10 new businesses are slated to be launched soon. The president of Cultural and Tourist Sangnam Market Development Association said, “We sign a contract with the business owner by the year. If a vacancy occurs, you may be able to see new fascinating business.” The Association also plans to install an intelligent customer attraction system at the entrance. If someone passes by the entrance, a recorded solicitation message is played. Daekkiri situated on the 2nd floor of Sangnam Market opens from noon to midnight all the year round.





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