Junam Wetlands, habitat for migratory birds, where people and nature coexist in perfect harmony



There is a great place to take a break from your hectic daily routine and have the time to look back with a picturesque landscape behind. It is Junam Wetlands in Dong-eup, Uichang-gu. People call this place ‘Paradise of Migratory Birds where People and Nature Coexist in Harmony.’ Junam Wetlands are one of the largest habitats of migratory birds in Korea. They consist of three beautiful reservoirs which are connected to each other:
Dongpan Reservoir (3,990,000m²), Junam Reservoir (4,030,000m²) and
Sannam Reservoir (960,000m²).

Featuring perfect conditions as a habitat of migratory birds, Junam Wetlands are crowded with tens of thousands of winter visitors in November every year.
They spend the cold winter here until March next year. Therefore, people come
here to see the amazing bird formation in winter. This year, in particular, the number of white-naped cranes (Natural Monument No. 203) and whooper swans (Natural Monument No. 201-2) significantly increased.

Junam Wetlands Park wasn’t able to draw much attention from people until the 1970s. Since about 50,000 Baikal teals visited in the 1980s, however, a variety of fascinating migratory birds (approximately 150 different species) including endangered species such as white-naped cranes and Platalea leucorodia have visited this beautiful land every year. Now, this natural park draws many bird experts and tourists.

Junam Wetlands proudly present their charm and beauty throughout the year. In spring, fresh and refreshing willow trees and spring flowers captivate visitors. In summer, gorgeous lotus flowers and aquatic plants covering the surface of the reservoirs and aquatic plants create spectacular scenery. In fall, a colony of silver grass, golden field and beautiful flowers such as cosmos create a romantic atmosphere along the observation trail.

If you are in Junam Wetlands, you need to visit the Ramsar Cultural Center and the Junam Ecological Center as well. The Ramsar Cultural Center was built to commemorate the meeting of the Ramsar Convention on Wetlands held in Changwon in 2008. It features Wetlands Culture Hall on the 1st floor and Wetlands Experience Hall on the 2nd floor.
The Junam Ecological Center consists of Junam Exploration Hall and Wetlands Learning Hall. Here, visitors can see and learn how migratory birds, aquatic plants and amphibians live in Junam Wetlands. In addition, there are many other fascinating places to visit.
Junam Wetlands Park is a gift of nature, offering people an opportunity to relax and find peace in their body and mind by having a great time with migratory birds in beautiful nature. As a treasure house of ecosystems, Junam Wetlands would bring infinite love and satisfaction to people all the time.






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