Visit to Changdong artist town in Changwon, creative and crafts village continues


As autumn approaches, visitors incessantly drop by Changdong artist town, and creative and
crafts village made by Changwon city as urban regeneration business.

Business district activation foundation and urban regeneration support center is actively operating program for vitalization of business district in Changdong region, and especially, ‘3E alley trip experience program’, propelled for business district activation business, is filling artists town street with students and family visitors with participation of numberous schools.

Among them, in Masan Happo highschool, Masan Jaeil Girls middle school, Changwon middle school, Yangdoek middle school, more than 260 people visit at once, renewing the maximum record for 2359 visitors per month, and invigorating Changdong Ilwon.

With consistent interest nationally, during November, approximately 200 people from each group, including Busan human resource development center, Sejong city urban regeneration
TF(resident group), Gwangju construction group federation, booked for visit to Changdong artists town. Hence, currently, group visitors(individual visitors excluded) reached aggregate of 8,757 people and is expected to exceed 10,000 people at the end of the year.

While Changdong artists town and creative and crafts village steadily execute various experience program to the visitors, Agora square provide entertainments such as cultural performance, mini concert, art market to general citizens at weekend afternoon throughout the year.

Furthermore, from November 12th to 30th, ‘Resident artists exhibition’ at art center, and
‘Planned photo exhibition’ at Ria Gallery is held in order to provide attractions, and many people came to visit.



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