Resting area in the city ‘Bookmyeon Maguem mountain hot spring’

  It is not an easy decision to go on a vacation in such cold weather where the cold wind freezes the body and mind of the people. Yet, hot springs are places that can enlighten its worth in such weather. Maguem mountain hot spring, placed at Euichanggu Bookmyeon Shinchonli Il won, is a familiar place to us. It is not only superior in accessibility as it is close to the city, but it provides the joy of selecting public bath, family bath, dry sauna, outside foot bath, and latest spa
facility according to one’s taste as 30 places are gathered containing facilities for hot spring bath.



Maguem mountain hot spring is also called Bookmyeon hot spring by taking the regional name. When viewing the records regarding Maguem mountain hot spring in Sejong Shillok Jiriji, Dongguk Yeoji Suenglam,it is assumed that hot springs have been utilized since the beginning of Chosun dynasty, or even earlier.

In 1927, Japanese Dokunaga, head of Masan provincial hospital, usedsimple bathhouse as recuperation place, which can be deemed as the beginning of modern hot springs. After independence, Korean took it over and operated it. It is notified as hot spring region in 1981, and contained current shape through 1986 tourist place appointment notification, along
with execution of infrastructure development construction.

Maguem mountain hot spring is known as ‘mysterious spring’ as it never dries, and is famous for effectiveness in various disease by alkalescence salt spring, maintaining the average water temperature above 55℃.

The feature of Maguem mountain spring water is that it’s transparent, and odorless. Approximately 20 kinds of natural mineral, including sodium, iron, calcium, bicarbonate, sulfateion, lithium is massively contained. Hence it’s widely known that it is good for liver ailment,
chronic constipation, diabetes, stomach disorder when drinking spring water, and effective for neuralgia, arthritis, eczema, wound when enjoying hot spring bath.

Thus, not only citizens of Changwon, but also from Busan, Daegu, Gimhae and other places also visit Maguem mountain hot spring. It takes about 15 minutes by car from Sogye square, infront of Changwon station, to hot spring.

Old road with two traffic lanes might take more time but can enjoy the new taste where city and farm intersects, and there are many restaurants providing various regional foods on the way.

  Bookmyeon, where Maguem mountain hot spring is placed, is famous not only for hot spring, but also for Korean rice wine, homemade tofu and sweet persimmon. After enjoying hot spring bath, a cup of Bookmyeon rice wine along with home-made tofu on marinate or kimchi
or vegetable makes the best combination. Although not every process of home-made tofu is processed by hand like before, the taste is the same as the past. Changwon sweet persimmon
is also beloved by the whole nation by showing the best quality corresponding to nation’s largest producing district.
  Lately, Maguem mountain hot spring is energized along with construction of neighboring new city, and more people are finding the hot spring in the weekends as Gamgye, Mudong region develops and people enjoying climbing, bike, water sports increase.

  In order to make Maguem mountain hot spring a representing cultural tourist of Changwon, the city is planning on push forward hot spring tourism activation strategy including △massive flower block construction business △event relating various performance and childrens’ water
dabbling △hosting outdoor theater △developing ‘Changwon healing tour’ along with Changwon city tour bus △developing hot spring culture experience △opening hot spring tourism market.







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