Changwon city 130 people of multi-cultural family’s trip to Kyeongju Korea culture visit

Changwon city(female caring center) went on Korea cultural trip to Kyeongju millenium park
along with 130 people of multi-cultural family.


The event was planned to aid the understanding of Korea toward multi-cultural family who entered Korea through international marriage and establish identity for children from multi-cultural family, and it was progressed with sense of realism by visiting Kyeongju, the cradle of Shilla culture. Especially, through watching performance related to Shilla history, dyeing handicraft, making golden crown in Millennium park, it was educationally progressed for the children as well as for married female immigrants who lack understanding in Korean culture.

This event was a business in which all the expenses related with the event were aided by
Korea racing association Changwon branch’s appointed donation, and was evaluated as a
meaningful time to grow self-esteem as Korean and develop as global person by providing familiar Korean culture experience including experience towards multi-cultural children.

People concerned with Changwon city clarified “Through financing of local enterprises(Korea
racing association Changwon branch), meaningful opportunity for multi-cultural family and their
children to experience Korean culture could be provided” and “we will consistently endeavor so
that multi-cultural family could settle successfully to Korea living through caring and cooperation of the local society”.


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