Changwon city awarded as grand prize ‘The 4th open exhibition on SNS in Korea’

Changwon city has been selected as the local government which makes the best use of SNS(Social Network Service) which is in the spotlight recently for one of the media as city administrative promotion.
 The city has been awarded as the grand prize of ‘local government of public sector’ at ‘the 4th SNS sector in Korea’ which was held in Korea Press Foundation press center national
press club in October 24th by being recognized with the operational result of social media.



▲Commemorative photograph of award

The 4th Korea SNS grand prize, which is sponsored by Ministry of Science, ICT and Future Planning and Korea Internet and Security Agency and host by the corporation,Korea Social Contents Promotion Association, is characterizedas the most prestigious prize in this sector with a qualitative evaluation, evaluation of voting points by user through online along with evaluation by experts for the companies, public organizations which use SNS, e.g. Kakao story, Facebook, Blog and communicate with customers and discover the reliable companies and excellent case of public organizations for awarding a prize.

   For the award, grand prize, Changwon city received a great points by carrying out the administration of various and positive communication at the eye-level of citizen, e.g. delivery of realtime status at the time of disaster occurrence as well as the promotion of city administration by using a various SNS, e.g. Kakao Story, Facebook, Blog etc.
   In particular, ‘Kakao Story’, which was opened recently, is the medium which shows a rapid increase in the number of user in a social media market and Changwon city received a good evaluation as Changwon solely introduced it earlier among local government in the contest. Kakao Story currently in Changwon is growing with the number of subscribers reaching around 14,000.

  “We are so happy and proud to be awarded by receiving a good evaluation in the ‘4th Korean SNS grand prize’ where various public organizations participated to compete in good faith” and “we will utilize and develop promotional media via internet further, e.g. SNS, to be in harmony and communication with citizen in future without settling for the award this time”, Information officer, Hwang, Jinyong who came forward as the award winner said.




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