Changwon City Boasts Most Popular Booth of 2013 Eco Mobility Congress

Changwon City joined the three dozen other promotional booths featured at the 2013 EcoMobility World Festival in Suwon, South Korea. The other booths represented cities, organizations, businesses and manufacturers from around the world. The city booths ranged from as proximate as Ansan, South Korea, to as far reaching as Kampala, Uganda.


In addition to the city booths, urban EcoMobility development firms ADB, GIZ and Despacio helped share their ideas and models through a variety of their own texts, internal studies and findings.

There were eco vehicle manufacturers displaying their eco vehicles available for test ride. Some of these vehicles were futuristic and uniquely designed bicycles and push scooters, only requiring the energy of the riders’ legs. Other more advanced vehicles utilized electric energy such as the standing Segway-esque kickTrike, and the electric bikes the Voltric5 and the YikeBike.

However among all that these other exciting booths had to offer, Changwon City’s booth saw the heaviest foot traffic and participation above the rest.


Changwon City’s booth didn’t only feature, pen, pamphlet and candy give aways. The booth also featured two Nubija bikes brought up from Changwon to display for the conference.

The booth’s high popularity however stemmed from Changwon giving canvas tote bags to participants that they then could customize using colored fabric makers. The tote bag featured the outlined picture of a bicycle in honor of Changwon’s celebrated public bike system, Nubija. Festival-goers young and old waited in line upwards of 20 minutes to decorate their tote bag.

블로그4 블로그3

The Changwon City booth was even lucky enough to receive a surprise visit from Changwon Mayor Park Wan Su. He complimented the booth workers on their hard work and thanked them for spreading Changwon’s message to the world of creating greener cities and for championing Changwon’s successes on the international stage.

/Posted by Coby Zeifman, Changwon Reporter Blogger


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