Cafe 7 Gram and Coffee Shop Street

When people outside of Korea think of restaurants in South Korea, images of kimchi, seafood and Korean BBQ come to mind. But there is more to Korean restaurant culture that meets the eye. Unbeknownst to most visitors, South Korea has a vibrant and thriving café culture. Young people tend to congregate at these Euro-centric coffee shops to chat, sip from coffee drinks with exquisite latte art, enjoy deserts with impeccable presentation, or indulge in cooling summer sweets like pot bing su (a big bowl of ice flakes, with red bean, ice cream and sweet rice cake or fruit).

There are many Korean-owned coffee franchises for Changwon residents to choose from ranging from Angel-In-Us, Tom N Toms Coffee, Holly’s Coffee, A Twosome Place, Café Bene and so on. There are even American shops like Dunkin Donuts and Starbucks. But the real coffee connoisseurs in Changwon go to 용지로239번길, also know as “Coffee Shop Street”

Coffee Shop Street features over a half dozen posh and locally owned coffee shops. The inviting, chic and sophisticated ambiances are what initially drawn in customers. The service and high food and drink quality is what keeps them coming back

One of my favorite coffee shops on Coffee Shop Street is Cafe 7 Gram.


Cafe 7 Gram has a modern and comfortable atmosphere with touch of urban cool. It’s spacious interior features a solarium, potted plants bookshelves shelves filled with leather bound books, art magazines and musical instruments


Both the food and drink quality and presentation are fantastic. While there with friends most recently, we indulged in a waffle and gelato set. The set came complete with two different scoops of gelato, whipped cream, fresh banana and kiwi, and a warm cinnamon-flavored waffle drizzled with chocolate sauce and powdered sugar.


With our bellies full and eyelids heavy after eating far too many sweets, we were able to enjoy our rich and full-bodied coffees complete with beautiful and pristine latte art.


So if you’re in Changwon and in search of a good cup of coffee and an inviting atmosphere, take a stroll down Coffee Shop Street, find a place you like, and enjoy. Also while you’re there you should probably treat yourself to a waffle with ice cream (Come on… you deserve it!)

/Posted by Coby Zeifman, Changwon Reporter Blogger


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