Getting Out Of Town

If you have done some research on Changwon, you will have heard of Mageumsan Hot Springs. The distance may have frightened you, but let me assure you, a trip out to the hot springs is a trip worth taking, if not for the healthy baths, then perhaps for the views.


Mageumsan is located northwest of Changwon in an area call Bukmyeon (pronounced with a silent ‘k’). The area is really beautiful and completely unlike Changwon, Masan and Jinhae. It has many rice fields, lots of farms and small village areas that dot the green landscape. Follow the brown signs in near the Changwon Train station. Once you head out of the north part of Changwon, and get over the mountains, you will feel calm.


The Hot Springs themselves are not unlike more Jimjjilbangs in Changwon or Korea. The difference is in the water, which comes from the nearby mountain, which is named Mageum Mountain. This water contains 20 different minerals such as Iron, Calcium, and Radium. These minerals have different healing property, according to the regional information provided.


When you arrive at the hot springs area, you can also enjoy some local specialties. There is a peanut tofu restaurant, lots of vendors selling homemade drinks and eats, and up behind the hot springs, there is a cool looking bridge to walk across.

If you can travel by bike, car or scooter, there are so many small areas along the river to explore. It is amazing how close to bustling Changwon this unique area is.


You can get to the hot springs by bus. Below is a link for which buses to take. Move the red flag to you for a more personalized description. Bus number 10 is the fastest bus, but from City Hall in Changwon it takes 1 hour 12 minutes. Also be aware that the bus only comes every 45 minutes to an hour.

/Posted by Heather Henrichs, Changwon Reporter Blogger


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