Bong Rim Jeong(봉림정)

Bong Rim Jeong, located behind Changwon Bus Terminal.(창원버스터미널) A specialty of the restaurant is bulgogi jeongsik(불고기 정식) – sliced and barbecued beef – that is served together with the fragrant smell of fruit; youngyang dollsot bob(영양돌솥밥), nutritious rice cooked in a stone pot; doenjang jjigae(된장찌개), fermented soybean paste stew; and delicious side dishes.

The specialty, also a foreign visitors’ favorite, gives people a memorable chance of enjoying the 14-year-old traditional culinary flavorings of the restaurant. Glossy, mouth-watering youngyang dollsot bob gives you a flavor that reminds people of the countryside. The wonderful aroma of freshly cooked rice that floats around your nose will make you impatient for your chopstick

크기변환_6-1 봉림정

♦ Capacity : 120 seats
♦ Business hours : 10:00~22:00
♦ Address : 34-16 Palyong-dong, Euichang-ku(34-16, 팔룡동, 의창구)
♦ Tel : 055-265-9965


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