Changwon Convention Center becomes environment-friendly


The Changwon Convention Center (CECO), one of the landmarks in Changwon, has become a “Green CECO.”
CECO has completed the installation of a solar power generation system and it is now in full operation.
The system is capable of generating 250 kilowatts per hour and this adds up to 365Mw per year. This represents 7 percent of the electricity consumption at CECO.

A solar power facility is installed at the Changwon Convention Center.

The operation of the solar power system reduces energy charges by 60 million won ($55,000) per year and cuts the emission of carbon dioxide by 154.23 tons per year.
A Changwon City official said, “We have made concerted efforts to turn CECO into a green convention center since the Ramsar Congress in 2008, utilizing LED (light-emitting diode) lights and tanning films on the outer windows.
He added that the city is hoping that the completion of the gree convention center will attract international events and recognize Changwon as an ecological city.


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