Rose Garden Reopens!


The Changwon City Rose Garden has reopened for spring after being seasonally closed during the particularly cold and dreary winter. The weekend of the park´s reopening brought on hundreds of onlookers eager to greet the welcoming of spring amongst the park’s several thousand roses.

The park features roses of a wide variety of size and color, as well as well manicured grounds, trestle archways and even a Cupid statue.


As part of the park opening’s fanfare, about a dozen vendors set up shop to assist families in adding to the beautiful May day’s merriment.

There were vendors selling snacks, balloons, coffee, fresh squeezed lemonade, cotton candy, toys, ceramics, potted plants and much more. There was even a small Viking ship carnival ride for small children to enjoy.


Aside from the fanfare, the success of the event could be seen on the faces of the hundreds of smiling men, women and children, as they walked and took photos through the beautiful rose garden amongst the fragrance of the garden’s red, white, orange and lavender roses.


♦ Posted by Coby Zeifman, Changwon Repoter Blogger.


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