“Sparkly night”at Jinhae Harbor

Jinhae(진해) Harbor’s Sokcheon(속천) pier, in Changwon City, is now equipped with exterior lighting, and is now rapidly emerging as a new tourist attraction. The buildings along the 572-meter coast, including the Suhyup(수협) building, the car ferry passenger terminal, the seawall, and the lighthouse, are now illuminated with lights. The theme of the light display was titled “The Story of the Coastline’s Ocean Glimmer,” making Jinhae Harbor a place where nature and people coexist.

Exterior lighting on the buildings around Sokcheon(속천) Pier graces the night of Jinhae(진해) Harbor.

The exterior lighting installed in Jinhae Harbor’s Sokcheon Pier has been operating since Feb. 28. The lights remain on for four hours each night, from 7 p.m. to 11 p.m. LED lights have been installed on the exterior wall of the breakwater, and the car ferry passenger terminal, along with three Suhyup buildings, has been equipped with symbolic lighting that accentuates the skyline. The symbols include the Changwon City logo, seagulls, autumn leaves, and fish.
The exterior lighting surrounding the Suhyup buildings was chosen specifically to minimize any environmental or ecological influences while promoting the city’s vision and providing tourists with a range of attractions.
The city at the same time plans to construct a waterfront area, that comprised of strolling paths, a outdoor plaza, pergolas, benches and sporting facilities on a 3929-square meter lot in Sokcheon Pier. The construction will be completed by October.


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