Hamheung myeonok(함흥면옥)

‘Hamheung myeonok’ is a neat restaurant, specialized in “seolleongtang(설렁탕)”, ox-bone soup, and “naengmyeon(냉면),” cold buckwheat noodles. You can get there by passing through the Seok-dong(석동) downtown, near the railroad. From the outside of the restaurant, a big cauldron catches visitors’ attention. 
Its seolleongtang got rid of the typical meat odor by boiling the bone for more than 12 hours. The rich and thick Hamheung myeonok’s seolleongtang is no doubt a health food for all.
Other famous menus include “mul naengmyeon(물냉면)”, noodles in cold broth, “bibim naengmyeon(비빔냉면)”, spicy noodles without broth, and “hoe naengmyeon(회냉면)”, noodles with raw fish. Hoe naengmyeon, served with stingray fermented in rice wine for three days, is sweet and spicy. Try naengmyeon noodle with one piece of stingray on it. You would think it is difficult to stop eating because of its chewy texture of stingray. Mixing bibim naengmyeon and raw fish naengmyeon is another fun variation of enjoying the dish. They also boasts menus such as steamed dumpling, boiled beef or pork slices, steamed tail beef and yukhoe, Korean steak tartare.

6-1 함흥면옥

□ Main dish : naengmyeon(냉면) and seolleongtang(설렁탕)
□ Seats : 78
□ Operating hours : 11 a.m.~21:30 p.m.
□ Address : 46-10, I-dong, Jinhae-gu(46-10, 이동, 진해구)
☎ 055-542-1040


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