Changwon in the spring is so beautiful


Changwon in the spring is so beautiful. The mountains that surround our city are ripe for hiking. The great thing about them is that every time of the year, there is something to see. The mountains provide a place to clear our minds and reflect on life, if only for a short time. They are also so easy to get to and on the weekdays can be pretty quiet. From anywhere in Changwon, you are 15 minutes by taxi from the nearest trailhead! What other city can boast such an amazing fact.
My favorite hike is behind Changwon University. My friend Jiae and I used to hike it almost every week. We would start at the parking lot, which in 2009 was under construction as they built the Changwon Jungang KTX station. To the left is the temple, gold and quiet.

To the right is the trailhead for our particular hike. After a short walk the trail splits. If you take the far right or the far left trails, you will be in for more of a mountain climb than a gentle stroll.


The hike we took is more of a walk, really. It has a gentle incline and lots of places to stop and enjoy nature as it follows the creek bed up to a pagoda. In the spring the water trickles through the creek and the trees become green. In the summer, water rushes down the mountain. I have seen frogs, snakes, chipmunks and birds while walking this path. While the end of this hike for me never ended in a view from the top, it is possible to continue up to the peak and see our great city spread in front of you.


I recommend this hike to anyone looking to enjoy Changwon’s fresh air! You won’t be disappointed! Make sure you give yourself enough time to enjoy the walk down before the sun sets. Don’t forget to clean up at the local forced air station!

♦ Posted by Heather Henrichs, Changwon Repoter Blogger.


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