Changwon’s Eco-Friendly Policies Impress Journalists from 74 Countries

More than 100 journalists from around the world attended a conference in Korea last week focusing on the future of their roles and responsibilities in a rapidly changing world and building new ties that transcend borders.
A total of 107 journalists from 74 countries took part in the 2013 World Journalists Conference in Seoul with visits to Suwon, Daejeon, Suncheon and Changwon to gain broader insight into the host country.

The journalists were especially impressed by the environmental policies being implemented by the former industrial town of Changwon in the southeastern part of the country, which has been shedding light on environmental issues by conducting eco-friendly urban projects and various efforts to reduce greenhouse gas emissions.
Participants visited Changwon on April 18 and toured Junam Wetlands Park, the nation’s largest migratory bird habitat.
They then tried out Changwon’s public bicycle rental system and learned about its operation. The program was the first of its kind in Korea and drew nationwide attention when it started in 2008. A Changwon city official said anyone can rent a bike using traffic cards or downloading smartphone apps.

On the following day, journalists took part in the main session of the conference at a solar tower built just off Changwon’s coast. The facility is a national landmark and the tallest solar-energy structure in Korea at 136 m.
Changwon Mayor Park Wan-su welcomed the participants and guests of the conference and asked for their help in building mutual cooperation and promoting the city in an opening address.

City officials then explained how they have carried out various eco-friendly projects and thanks to the efforts, the city was chosen to host the 2018 World Championships by the International Shooting Sport Federation. Journalists discussed the challenges of reporting in a digital era.
“It is very meaningful to host an international conference at the solar tower,” said Kim Jong-hwan, a spokesman for the city. “We hope that the participants will tell others about what they experienced here in terms of environmental policies as well as publicize the 2018 ISSF World Championship.”


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