DRUM Vinyl Bar

Wandering with a group of friends, looking for a place to go in Yongho-dong, a second floor sign caught my attention The business’ name was called: DRUM Vinyl Bar . I had been to other vinyl bars, elsewhere, but never in Changwon.  As an appreciator of classic rock n roll and vintage vinyl, DRUM immediately caught my attention.  We decided to go investigate.


image00004Inside, DRUM is open with a relaxed ambiance. There are sculptures, paintings, photos or classic rock legends and record jackets decorating the spacious interior.  There are tables and couches throughout the bar. It is a cool and relaxed place that is calm and enjoyable to sit and chat with friends. The owner of DRUM Vinyl Bar also owns a vinyl record resale shop below DRUM.


Behind the DJ area there are shelves and shelves filled with hundreds of LPs that are available to be heard by request. To request a song, ask the DJ and he’ll give you a slip of paper to write on and submit. My friends and I sat down on some couches, grabbed drinks and some food, and listened to the warm cracklings of some of our favorite performers from vinyl yesteryear including artists such as The Doors, The Bee Geesand Bob Marley.

image00003DRUM Vinyl Bar is a great, relaxed place to sit back and chat with friends while enjoying some drinks and the unique rich-bodied sounds of your favorite music played on classic vinyl.

♦ Address : Yongho-dong 73-23, Uichang-gu, Changwon(용호동 73-23, 의창구, 창원시)

412_173247♦ Posted by Coby Zeifman, Changwon Repoter Blogger.


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