Bloggers, reporters publicize Changwon

Bloggers pose for a photo at the City Hall March 27.
Bloggers pose for a photo at the City Hall March 27.

A group of 35 bloggers in Changwon city set up a camp and started their activities on 27 March with a welcoming ceremony by Changwon city administration. Among the notable personalities in attendance was Park Wan-soo, mayor of Changwon city. The bloggers camp brings together netizens with interest in knowing the city of Changwon. After a thorough screening process, the city administration selected 30 Koreans and five foreigners to participate in this project.

The chosen bloggers include Coby Zeifman, an American volunteer, Tim Robinson, a Changwon fanatic who had the official mascot of Changwon city tattooed on his forearm and Heather Henrichs, a blogger who writes about Changwon city on his blog site: targeting foreign readers.

The camp has the goal of offering rapid lively news about Changwon to both domestic and foreign readers using SNS.
. It’s equally seeking to generate active content geared towards presenting Changwon-loving people with interesting daily information.


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