Falling petals – where cherry blossoms bloom

Yeojwacheon(여좌천) cherry blossom Road

It is a 1.5 km cheery blossom tunnel from Naesoomyeon(내수면) nature park, Jinhae-gu, Changwon to Jinhae girl’s Highschool. Tourists and photographers love the flowers in the nature there. The place is famous for TV drama location and date course for couples. People will enjoy the stroll near the stream day and night along the Deckroad.

Gyeonghwa station (경화역)


The 800m tunnel between Gyeonghwa(경화) station and Sehwa Girls’ High School(세화여고) is famous for trainroute flanked by cherry blossoms. The place is perfect for family outings as well as taking memorable photographs.

Ahnmin hill (안민고개)

The hill is nested in the middle of Jangbok(장복) mountain bridging Jinhae-gu(진해구) and Sungsan-gu(성산구). You can walk or drive there to enjoy the place. The forest is full with Budt trees and Hinoki Cypress trees. Benches and pavilions are available along the way perfect for driving and strolling. Jinhae bay is more beautiful at the peak of the mountain. LED-featured lightings make the night more attractive.

장복산공원Jangbok(장복) mountain park
The park starts from Ungnamdong(웅남동) to Majin(마진) tunnel till Jinhae-gu tollgate. The road is flanked by cherry blossom trees. At the peak of the mountain the city is covered with beautiful cherry blossom petals surrounded by Jinhae bay.





The Naval Academy and admiralty port

해군사관학교 입구
These places are open to public only during the naval port festival. They are one of the most famous places during the festival season. The academy and port rarely allow the public in, so it is definitely a spot to visit. There is a museum featuring life-size Turtle Ship, and historical reports of Admiral Lee Soon-Shin.

드림로드Dream road
The road include Jangbok Sky Road mountain road (3.8km), Cheonjabong Sun Rising Road (9.9km), Baekil Morning Calm Road (3.1km), Sosa Nature Road (7.6 km), The flowers fall relatively late because of the high altitude.





Naesu-myeon(내수면) Nature Park

내수면 연구소
The 1929-established fishery testing site-turned-R&D Center was made into a park 2008. The park features 65 different plants and has reservoir, wetland, pine farm, Deck road. The place is fascinating all season, particularly April when cherry blossoms are in full bloom.

팔용교육단지Pallyong(팔룡) educaion cluster
It is 3-4 km road in Joong-ang-dong(중앙동) education cluster. The road is flanked by countless cherry blossom trees. The trees form a cherry blossom tunnel making it a sight to see.






Seowon valley (서원곡)

Moohak(무학) mountain Valley is a valley Amusement Park. The water is crystal clear and the forest is filled with trees. It is an entrance to the Moohak mountain hiking road. In spring, cherry blossoms are in full bloom starting from Amusement Park till the parking lot. You can enjoy both hiking and cherry blossoms there.


4 thoughts on “Falling petals – where cherry blossoms bloom

    1. Hi, I have found these places location by google map.
      links are…
      Yeojwacheon(여좌천) → http://goo.gl/maps/MpPPW

      Gyeonghwa station(경화역) → http://goo.gl/maps/qKgXu

      Ahnmin hill (안민고개) → http://goo.gl/maps/VsZbz

      Jangbok(장복) mountain park → http://goo.gl/maps/fkDQ2

      The Naval Academy and admiralty port → http://goo.gl/maps/oTr9w, http://goo.gl/maps/Jt7f6

      Naesu-myeon(내수면) Nature Park → http://goo.gl/maps/DZ5qX

      Pallyong(팔룡) educaion cluster → http://goo.gl/maps/vL0UK

      Seowon valley (서원곡) → http://goo.gl/maps/Fa4O4

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