Yongwon(용원) Culture Street completed

A sculpture in an artificial pond in Yongwon street
A sculpture in an artificial pond in Yongwon street

Changwon City has completed the Yongwon(용원) Culture Street in the Yongwon industrial district in Jinhae(진해).
Launched in 2011, the project was designed to secure comfortable pedestrian paths in the area that is 600 meters long and 10-16 meters in width.
The decision to install the culture street followed a visit to the district by Changwon City Mayor Park Wan-soo who was dismayed by the illegal parking that got in the way of pedestrians.
A total of 1.45 billion won ($1.3 million) was allocated for the project.
Among the installation has been a 350-meter-long pathway between the residents’ center and a local apartment complex where cars are prohibited and includes an artistic fountain, outdoor performance facility, a running stream and stone plants.
There are numerous artistic items on display along the pathway, including sculptures and are representative of the identity and future of the Yongwon district which are visible in sculptures such as “Toward a Dream,” “Bubble Memory,” “A Day for a Picnic,” “Photographer” and “A Girl Awaiting” whch all seem to tell their own stories.
The city government is hoping that the construction of the pathway will go a long way in securing safety for pedestrians and boosting more public access to culture in the eastern parts of Jinhae(진해).

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