51th Jinhae Gunhangje(진해 군항제) festival to open on April 1

When the cherry-blossom girl meets the marching-band boy

Yoejwacheon Romance Bridge
Yoejwacheon Romance Bridge

The 51th Jinhae Gunhangje(진해군항제), Korea’s largest cherry blossom festival, kicks off its 10-day event on April 1 in and around Jinhae-gu area under the theme of “Encounter between cherry blossom and military music.”

The history of the festival dates back to April 13, 1952, when people put up a statue of the revered 16th-century Admiral Yi Sun-shin(이순신) and held a ritual to commemorate him. At first, the ceremony was relatively small in size and was held only at the Bukwon(북원) junction where the statue sits. However, year after year it has grown into a nationwide spring festival with various events.    The feast, selected as the best South Gyeongsang(경상) province festival for 2013, will be carefully organized in a budget-minded manner given the current economic slump the nation faces. It will specialize Yeojwacheon(여좌천) festival of light and Jinhaeru(진해루) Multimedia fireworks, which gained great popularity among tourists last year. Various art and cultural events will also be prepared around Jungwon(중원) junction and Changwon community center to draw active participation from citizens.

Ceremony to commemorate Admiral Yi sunsin
Ceremony to commemorate Admiral Yi sunsin

The Jinhae World Military Band Festival that adds a musical flavor to the whole festival, threw a concert last year. But this year it plans to tell a different story. Over 700 participants from 13 teams including the army, the navy, the air force, the Marine Corps and the Eighth US Army will march together in a parade to the tune of music, creating what spectacles to see for tourists. The three-day military music festival starts on April 6.

World Military Festival
World Military Festival

As this year’s Jinhae Gunhangje slogan “When the cherry-blossom girl meets the marching-band boy” shows, the festival will combine the two pillars of Gunhangje cherry blossom festival and the World Military Band Festival.   Main events including K-pop start concert, Jinhaeru(진해루) multimedia fireworks, Yeojwacheon(여좌천) festival of light, illumination of Jinhae(진해) pagoda of Mount Jehwang(제황) and night view of Anmin hill(안민 고개) will present visitors with unforgettable experience.

Following last year’s huge success, Yeojwacheon(여좌천) festival of light extends its range from 400 meters last year to 1 kilometer this year. Changwon Marine Solar Park, with an observation tower overlooking the Southern Sea and as far as Busan Newport and Geogadaegyo(거가대교) bridge, will be open temporarily during the period.

The opening ceremony will be staged on March 31, 6 p.m. at Jungweon(중원) junction. The commemoration ceremony for Admiral Yi Sun-shin is scheduled on April 6, between 2-5 p.m.at the special stage in Bukwon(북원) junction and downtown area. The grand ritual ceremony is on April 7, 2 p.m., at the special stage in Bukwon(북원) junction. The Military Music Festival is to be held between April 6-8, at the Jinhae municipal stadium(진해공설운동장). Jinhaeru(진해루) multimedia fireworks is slated for April 5, 8 p.m., over the waters near Jinhaeru(진해루).  Yeojwacheon(여좌천) festival of light from April 1-10 starts from 6 p.m. until midnight, at the vicinity of Yeojwacheon(여좌천). Cherry blossoms street culture festival in Changwon and cherry blossoms silver festival in Seowongok(서원곡), Masan(마산), are slated for April 6 and 7, respectively.

6 responses to “51th Jinhae Gunhangje(진해 군항제) festival to open on April 1”

  1. paeonie Avatar

    I’ve searched online and saw some saying there is special direct bus from Seoul to Jinhae during the Gunghanje festival but I can’t seem to find any solid information on this.
    Could you confirm? thanks.

    1. Changwon city Avatar

      Thank you for commenting our blog!!
      You can ride the buses departing from Seoul(서울) to Jinhae(진해) at Seoulnambuterminal(서울남부터미널)
      The buses departing 12times a day from 07:00am to 23:10pm.
      It’s delay is 1hour ~ 1hour 20minute. Have a niceday!

      1. paeonie Avatar

        Thanks a lot for your reply!! 🙂
        I read that the weather now changes a lot, may I know if the cherry blossom is already blooming at Jinhae now?
        My plan is to visit Jinhae on 5 & 6 April, would like to stay overnight at local motel at Jinhae on 5-Apr.
        Really hope to see full bloom next week.. Please.. wish me luck!! 🙂

      2. Changwon city Avatar

        This year Cherry bolossm is blooming sooner than expected.
        Cherry blossom bloom about 60 to 80 % now. For your reference i add cherry blossom’s photo on today(27th Mar.) 🙂
        GyeongHwa Station(경화역)
        We expect that cherry blossom in Jinhae will be fully bloomed on about 30th Mar to 3rd Apr.
        Good luck! Have a good day!

  2. leena Avatar

    Do you think we can see the cherry blossom on 12 April as this is the date i reach Busan.

    1. Changwon city Avatar

      Thank you for commenting our blog!
      Unfortunately, When that time comes, almost cherry blossoms will fall down.

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