Changwon Gyeongsang Nat’l Univ. Hospital breaks ground


Changwon held a ground-breaking ceremony celebrating the beginning of construction of Changwon Gyeongsang Nat’l University Hospital, a regional branch of the university hospital, on Dec. 14, 2012. In so doing, the city committed to going ahead with the long-cherished project.
The 13-story building sits on a lot of 79,700 square meters with a total floor space of 109,612 square meters. Initially, the hospital will be open, with 708 beds and state-of-the-art medical equipment, in late 2015.
However, the state project will cost 302.9 billion won, including 30 percent from state coffers. The hospital will increase the number of beds to 1,200 later, to be operated based on specialist treatment centers.
Changwon, the capital of South Gyeogsang Province, has successfully invited the new branch of the university hospital after starting its efforts to do so in 2007.
When completed, the hospital is expected to attract patients in South Gyeongsang Province, who, otherwise, had to travel far to bigger cities such as Busan and Seoul, helping them cut traveling hours and expenses dramatically.
In addition, it will ensure quality medical services, supported by the up-to-date emergency medical systems of the hospital.
“I believe Changwon will be spotlighted as the most livable city in Korea thanks to the location of a new tertiary medical care institution or a university hospital medical center,” said Mayor Park Wan-su. “Changwon has been an industrial, marine and cultural city with a population of 1.1 million.”


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