Changwon sees new hope and fewer worries in New Year

This is a bird’s eye view of Changwon. Changwon is pursuing an open administration under the theme of “new hope and fewer worries.”
This is a bird’s eye view of Changwon. Changwon is pursuing an open administration under the theme of “new hope and fewer worries.”

Even with a new government this year, low economic growth is expected to be prolonged. With such concern in mind, Changwon will be forging ahead into a fourth year of regional integration to realize both economic vitality and social stability in an effort to realize its goal of emerging as a jewel in the global arena under the theme of “new hope and fewer worries.”
As the main aspects of policies for the New Year, Mayor Park Wan-soo will be targeting economic vitality, improved welfare, sustainable growth platforms, structure to emerge as an environmental capital, better lifestyle and open governance in which citizens form the core.
In reflection of the desire of its citizens, Changwon will be opening an era of 500 billion won in welfare funding and expanding the social safety net to ensure that the benefits reach all those in need.                                                                        At the same time, it will be seeking to establish grounds for livelihood resources for the next 30 years, striking a balance among education, environment and development while preserving its pride as a rule-making city.

Risk-managing economic system                                                                    Changwon is activating its “Hope Ondol (Korean floor heating system) Economic Plan” as a risk-managing economic system, boosting exports in the upper layers and encouraging domestic consumption in the lower plateau. It will revitalize traditional markets and help small companies achieve competitiveness.
The city has also kicked off the campaign for fostering 100 young CEOs and launching a headquarters for creating new jobs, aiming to provide employment to 50,000 workers.

W500 billion in welfare funding                                                                              For the first time in history, Changwon will be setting aside a budget of 500 billion won in welfare funding to reach out to those in need.
Under the “Bridge of Hope” project, the city is moving to narrow the gap between social layers, setting up 50 welfare organizations by 2014 and expanding compensations for child births and providing expenses for taking care of young children.
By doing so, Changwon hopes to deal with the problem of low child birth which has become a nationwide issue.
As part of the ongoing project designed for Changwon to be recognized as an environmental capital, the city is executing a citizen-driven advanced system with a new paradigm to turn it into a valuable asset.

Citizen-driven environment campaign                                                         Having hosted the Ramsar Convention and the UN Convention to Combat Desertification, Changwon is looking to organize the Convention on Biological Diversity, introducing such initiatives as the carbon point system, setting up targets for the reduction of greenhouse gases, planting 10 million trees and pursuing environmental movements in all corners of the city.
Changwon has consistently said citizens are the most important elements in developing administrative policies and has been asking them for guidance since the beginning of the year.
It has opened the Mayor’s office to the public and has been operating a mobile “love nest” for improving communications with citizens and satisfying their right to know.
And operating an open administration means the budget for ward offices are doubled for taking care of citizens’ complaints, providing welfare services and maintaining streets and the greenery.
An integrate monitoring center will also keep a vigilant eye on the safety of citizens 365 days a year using its CCTV (closed circuit television) network.


2 thoughts on “Changwon sees new hope and fewer worries in New Year

  1. Hello,

    Sorry I am trying to get a hold of an English Speaking Korean that can help me get in contact with the old school I used to work at. I worked at Yongje Elementary School between September 2010 – September 2011. Address is:

    Yongje Elementary School
    Jungangdong 22
    Changwon City
    South Korea

    Website is (but I can’t read Hangul!)

    Can you contact them and ask for the contact email with the New English Teacher. I believe Kim On Sook the Head English Teacher when I was there is no longer at the school. I need to get in contact with an English Speaking Korean there who can help me communicate with the Office Staff to get my pay and tax details from my time working at the school.

    Could you email me at if u find the details.

    Thank you,

    Robbie Evans

    1. Thank you for commenting our blog 🙂
      We have passed your comment to Kim On Sook the Head English Teacher.
      Fortunately, She is still working there.
      She will contact you soon by e-mail. Have a nice day.

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