Park Wan-su, Changwon Mayor joined the top 10 world mayors

Mayor Park Wan-su joined the top 10 list releaed by The City Mayors Foundation.
The World Mayor Project has been organised since 2004 by The City Mayors Foundation(, an international think tank and campaigning organisation on urban affairs.

Mayor Park Wan-su
Mayor Park Wan-su

The 2012 World Mayor Project was publicly conducted between January and October2012. During that time The City Mayors Foundation invited a worldwide audience to submit nominations of mayors deemed worthy of being numbered among the most outstanding city leaders in the world. During the first round total  912 mayors were suggested. It included 3 mayors, Seoul Mayor, Incheon Mayor, Changwon Mayor, from South Korea.

A short list of 25 mayors was drawn up by the City Mayors Foundation in June 2012. It included five mayors from North America, four from Latin America, seven from Europe, five from Asia, two from Australasia and two from Africa. In South Korea, Changwon Mayor is one and only on the 25 final lists

During the second round of World Mayor 2012, from 18 June to 20 October 2012, a worldwide audience was invited to select from the shortlist of 25 mayors their choice of title candidate. In order to have their votes registered, participants had, as in round one, to provide a supporting statement. Some 463,000 individuals and organisations worldwide participated in the second round of World Mayor 2012,  then the top 10 list was selected through the evaluation of the City Mayors Foundation in January 2013

Changwon Mayor was ranked world’s 6th  best mayor for environmental policies. Bilbao Mayor topped the list, Perth Mayor was in 2nd place and the top 10 list inclued  Québec Mayor of Canada, El Paso Mayor of USA,, Auckland Mayor of New Zealand and others.

For your reference, The World Mayor Prize has been given outstanding mayors who have served their communities well and who have made contributions to the well-being of cities nationally and internationally. Previous winners of the World Mayor Prize were Mayor of Mexico City, Mexico(2010), Mayor of Cape Town, South Africa(2008), Mayor of Melbourne, Australia(2006), Mayor of Athens, Greece(2005), Mayor of Tirana, Albania(2004).


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