Sokcheon(속천) Port in Jinhae(진해) to be illuminated

Lights to be installed to illuminate passenger terminal, breakwater, light house, buildings of fisheries cooperative by February

Sokcheon Port in Jinhae-gu(진해구) will be illuminated by attractive lighting
Changwon City will install lights to illuminate beautifully at night the buildings of fisheries cooperative, the car ferry passenger terminal, the breakwater and the lighthouse from February next year.
The lighting project for Sokcheon Port will be carried out under the concept of “Story of glittering waters along the coast” aimed to recreate “story of attractive light” surrounding the port at night by harmonizing the waters with subdued but dynamic light along the beautiful and blue coast.

From left are lighting of breakwater and light house, Jinhae Fisheries Cooperative and car ferry passenger terminal
From left are lighting of breakwater and light house, Jinhae Fisheries Cooperative and car ferry passenger terminal

First, the city will make the road for strolling to be illuminated by LED lights installed on the concrete wall of the breakwater at the port.

The city will produce patterns of city logo, seagulls, fallen leaves and fish in illumination on the building of the car ferry passenger terminal and three buildings of the Jinhae Fisheries Cooperative with symbolic light, while emphasizing the skyline of the buildings.

The illumination will vitalize the port with a variety of lighting attractions, while contributing to boosting the regional economy with new vision for urban restoration.
The city has completed consultations with the provincial government of South Gyeongsang Province, the fisheries cooperative and the passenger terminal, which have the right to the ownership of respective facilities, about the project. The illumination project will be carried out by February next year.
Once the project is completed, it is hoped to be an attraction for citizens along with the refurbished Jinhaeru Pavilion and waterfront area of the port which has been made familiar to them.


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