Traditional markets back in style

Myeongseo(명서), Ga-eumjeong(가음정), Jinhae Jung-ang(진해 중앙) Markets chosen as top traditional markets in 2012 contest

citizens shop at the Ga-umjeong market in Changwon, one of three major refurbished traditional markets with Masan Fish Market and Jinhae Jung-ang Market chosen as top traditional markets in 2012 nationwide contest
Citizens shop at the Ga-umjeong market in Changwon, one of three major refurbished traditional markets with Masan Fish Market and Jinhae Jung-ang Market chosen as top traditional markets in 2012 nationwide contest

The city launched a project to modernize the Beongae(lightning)(번개) market in a groundbreaking ceremony at the fountain of Masan Station on Oct. 6. It was naturally born 40 years ago as farmers and fishermen in the neighboring farming and fishing villages brought their products at dawn for urban residents.
As if it may be a reward for being engaged in their daily business in the environment worsened due to little improvement of the market facilities, both merchants and citizens attending the ceremony seemed to be full of expectations about the new market to be renovated.
The city will spend 1.5 billion won by December to install a 224-meter cement wall against the disaster-prone area and consolidate area of 1,283 square meters for two long lines of shops at both sides of an alley, after pulling down the dilapidated facilities at the Beongae Market. A 32-meter-long arcade will also be set up there.

There was the dedication ceremony of the Myeongseo(명서) Market Arcade on Sept. 25. A 210-meter section was built along with a parking lot and a customer center as the second phase of the project at that time, following the initial phase of 308-meter-long section in 2009, making the market take off to the top traditional market in Korea.
This is evidence of the tremendous efforts that Changwon City has been making to improve the competitiveness of its traditional markets, attracting a growing number of shoppers at traditional markets.

Merchants are busy checking up on fish for purchase at the Masan Fish Market(마산 어시장)
Merchants are busy checking up on fish for purchase at the Masan Fish Market(마산 어시장)

♣ Speed-up of facility modernization project
There are a total of 72 traditional markets in Changwon, including shops, and markets which open every five days, 15 in Euichang-gu(의창구), 18 in Seongsan-gu(성산구), 19 in Masanhappo-gu(마산합포구), 15 in Masanhwiwon-gu(마산회원구) and five in Jinhae-gu(진해구).
A total of 9.5 billion won has been earmarked for 38 projects underlining modernization of traditional markets this year. The modernization projects have been actively carried out.
Of them, the city has completed 15 projects, including the installation of canopy on the outer wall of buildings at Sanho Marke,t the setting up of an arcade at its entrance and the installation of panels designing outer wall on the second floor of the Buk(north) Masan Jung-ang Market(북마산 중앙시장) and waterproofing of the rooftop of Ga-eumjeong(가음정)‘s long arcade.
Underway are 11 other projects, such as the modernization of the Beongae Market at Masan Station, the construction of a public parking lot at Jindong(진동) Market and the upgrading of rest rooms at the Sangnam(상남) Market.
The city also plans to carry out 12 other projects, including building of a 30-meter-long arcade at Ga-eumjeong Market, a 100-meter arcade at Dong(east) Masan(동마산) Market and the installation of promotional structures at the entrance of Bong-gok(봉곡) Market.
♣Promotion of Changwon-style traditional markets
There has been brisk move to promote Changwon-style traditional markets. Between May and August, vocational training schools were operated at Myeongseo and three other traditional markets. Kindness campaign will be held once or more in a month at the 72 traditional markets to attract more shoppers. Price tags are being placed on all items in a trial and shopping carts are being made available for the convenience of visitors.

The result has been that the sales of gift certificates used at traditional markets have seen breathtaking growth. The city government has been encouraging the purchase of “Onnuri” gift certificates and gift certificates for Jinhae Jung-ang(진해 중앙) Market early this year, making sales reached 10.7 billion won as of the end of September. This is a sharp contrast against 7.9 billion won in purchase with gift certificates in the whole city for the 12 months of last year.
While the main reason for the increase in sale with gift certificates is greater interest in traditional markets among customers, it is also owed to promotional policies like designating the last Saturday and second and fourth Sundays of each month as days for visiting the markets and the active dissemination of information by city-related officials, affiliated organizations and financial institutions.

♣ The promotion verified in various contests
During the Convention of Outstanding Markets 2012 at the Daejeon Convention Center, Oct. 19, Myeongseo(명서) and Ga-eumjung(가음정) Markets were honored as the top marketplaces across the country and the Jinhae Jungang (central)(진해 중앙) Market was chosen as a runner-up.
It was the result of relentless efforts by the city to foster Changwon-style traditional markets.

The city government is determined to continue strengthening efforts to not only maintain the highest levels of cleanliness but encourage all merchants to accept gift certificates. At the same time, it will expand a program to establish partnerships between organizations and traditional markets and encourage them to foster at least one specialty.

Jinhae Jung-ang Market(진해 중앙시장)
Jinhae Jung-ang Market(진해 중앙시장)



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