Hana Electronics armed with high-tech equipment

By Choi Sang-moon Chief executive officer of Hana Electronics

“Who will help me if I do nothing in difficult times? We have to make more efforts to invest and find new markets when things get more difficult,” said Choi Sang-moon, chief executive officer of Hana Electronics, in a deep low tone.
The printed circuit board (PCB) manufacturer built a new plant with floor space of 4,300 square meters in Daesan-myeon, Uichang-gu, last month. The component maker has moved its headquarters to this location from a facility in Gimhae, east of Changwon, which will continue to manufacture the PCB.
Experts have predicted that the electronics industry will continue to be sluggish since last year. Orders have shrunk considerably this year compared to last year. However, Choi has bought high-tech machinery for the new plant at a cost of 6 billion won.
Hana has been doing surface mounting, a method for constructing electronic circuits in which the components are mounted directly onto the surface of PCBs. In the past, components were fitted onto the board and every part was welded but the technology has made huge developments.

Most of the production lines have been automated as PCBs have become smaller and smaller while highly integrated on both sides. Hana has been operating seven of the latest automated production lines.
The company supplies PCBs to large electronics makers as a major component for washing machines.
“Once a month, home appliance makers demand a speedy supply of our products. At that time, we have to meet urgent requirements,” said Choi. “We are confident in our productivity and quality compared to other firms as we have up-to-date equipment and a skilled workforce.”
Recently, Hana has also been building assembly lines separately from the production of PCBs. These are used to add larger components to the initial boards through surface mounting. Hana is determined to expand its markets to medical equipment, the automobile sector, high-tech products and PCBs for industrial purposes.

Choi said that his company will employ an additional 40 to 50 workers during the fourth quarter of the year to operate the new production lines at full swing.
The firm is preparing to open a technology research center, following the introduction of new production lines. Hana has secured highly-skilled workers in cooperation with several colleges.
“Hana Electronics’ slogan is let’s work in a sure, correct and responsible manner. I believe that we have grown in this way as we have worked diligently despite being a latecomer in the industry. We will all work diligently until we become the best,” said Choi.
Hana aims to produce 50 billion won in output in three years, developing its export market with top quality goods.


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