Pier No. 1 at Masan Port(마산항 제1부두) to open in early November

The view of Pier No. 1 of Masan Port to be made open to the public in early November after building strolling walk, bicycle path and resting facilities

Pier No. 1 of Masan Port will become a new wonderful waterside space in early November, when the Gagopa Chrysanthemum Festival ends. Citizens will be able to enjoy walking there, overlooking the bay which has been blocked by the pier.

The city launched preparation to make the pier open to the public after finishing consultation with Masan Regional Maritime Affairs and Port Office on the matter last August. Pier No. 1, overlooking the waters off Masan coast, is 390 meters long and covers a total of 37,387 square meters.

The city has been building a wooden railing and other safety facilities along the 390-meter waterfront, in harmony with seascape, to make visitors safe. A toilet has already been installed there.

On the inner side of the pier, bicycle path and a walk have been built so that citizens ride bicycle, walk, exercise, and relax themselves, while overlooking the waters. A variety of sports and convenience facilities will be installed, such as a basketball park, inline skating rink, parking area, benches, toilets and pergolas.

The city has also agreed with the Masan port authorities to open the Central Pier made with sands to the citizens, following the opening of Pier No.1. The pier is 450 meters long and covers a total of 34,000 square meters. The city plans to refurbish the pier as leisure and relax area as soon as the sand pier operator moves to Pier No. 4 in Gwisan-dong(귀산동).

Pier No. 1 and the Central Pier, which have blocked the seascape for the past three decades, will become a new area to contribute to improving citizens’ quality of life and a competitive factor to the city itself.


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