Marine and Cheong-an(청안) parks refurbished

280-meter-long deck road built along seaside

Changwon City announced that it has built a 280-meter-long deck road at the seaside of the Marine Park in Myeong-dong(명동), Jinhae-gu(진해구).
The road, which commands a fine view of the Jinhae Bay, has become a new tourist attraction. Construction of the road cost 340 million won.
The road starts at an eastern seawall and ends at an overbridge in Udo Islet. It will help enhance public accessibility to Udo(우도), the announcement said.
With the establishment of the deck road, people can enjoy beautiful view of the sea, in addition to the scent of various flowers, such as Korean azalea and kerria, beginning this fall.

A 280-meter-long deck road linking the Marine Park to an overbridge in Udo Islet has become a new tourist attraction.

The Udo overbridge, the deck road and a marine solar park, which is under construction near the Marine Park, will provide citizens much to see and enjoy, thus becoming national tourist spots, city officials said.
Besides, the Cheongan Park, which has recently been refurbished, gives a lot of pleasure to nearby residents, the announcement said.
The city government set aside 1.33 billion won to refurbish the 20-year-old park beside the Angolpo(안골포) Elementary School in Yong-won(용원), Jinhae-gu(진해구). Refurbishment work began last March and ended late last month.
New facilities built in the park include a fountain and surrounding plaza, children’s playground and a basketball court.
In addition, numerous UFO-shaped lights were installed at various places, which provide visitors to the park with an amazing night view.


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