Burim(부림) Underground Shopping District reopens after remodeling

Changwon opened the business town of the Burim Underground Shopping District after remodeling work in Masan on Sept. 20. A total of 143 stores, including 69 empty stores, are located in the complex.
Ten empty stores have been occupied by new operators such social enterprises as Sonmoeum Gonggan and Haemil Jangteo as production and sales space, the Women Academy, cafe, library and  resting venue. The toilet has been refurbished and an elevator, installed.
The remodeling work was done from last November till July to revitalize the underground shopping complex, where 69 stores were empty. Additional calls have been made to lease the empty stores.
 “Commercial activity in the former downtown area of Masan will be revitalized as the underground shopping district’s business town has opened. It will be linked with Changdong Arts Village for more vitality,” a city official said. The remodeling has been completed through two stages of work.

Dignitaries cut tape to open the business town of the Burim Underground Shopping District after remodeling work.

The city plans to make the underground shopping district as “the space reminding visitors of the past and culture, hosting a variety of cultural events in collaboration with the merchants club of the shopping district.
Burim Underground Shopping District had been renowned as the greatest commercial center of South Gyeongsang Province after it was built in 1980 but has been degraded over the three decades due to dilapidation of facilities and appearance of large department stores and shopping malls in neighboring areas.
As a result, the city has undertaken remodeling work of part of the Burim Underground Shopping District as the business town since June last year to rehabilitate the business function of the area.


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