Trails in Changwon to be linked

City plans to open 113.4km-long trek course

Changwon City said it plans to open a 113.4km-long trekking course by combining existing hiking trails and others, currently under construction, by 2013. 
If completed, the course will start at the Bambat Hill in Weoryeong-dong, Masanhappo-gu, and end at Sosa, Ung-dong, Jinhae-gu, via Mts. Muhak, Cheonju, Taebok, Jeongbyeong, Bieum, Bulmo and Jangbok, and the Jinhae Dream Road.
The trek course will give visitors gifts provided by forest and nature, and command a fine view of the Masan and Jinhae bays as well as downtown areas, city officials said.
They expected the trek course to become a national tourist spot, like the Olle trail on Jeju Island and the Mt. Jiri trail.


Trails in Changwon

The Changwon trek course includes the 18km Mt. Muhak trail; the 18km Mt. Cheonju nuri-gil trail; the 23.4km Mt. Jeongbyeong trail; the 14km Mt. Bulmo trail; the 14km Mt. Jangbok course; and the 26km Jinhae Dream Road.  
Of them, the Mt. Muhak trail and the Jinhae Dream Road were completed in 2010, while the Mt. Jeongbyeong course opened in 2011. Construction of the Mt. Jangbok trail is underway.
There were many difficulties in pressing on with the Mt. Cheonju nuri-gil. But thanks to the selection of the nuri-gil as one of trail projects in areas, where construction activities are restricted, by the Ministry of Land, Transport and Maritime Affairs, 715 million won was set aside for the project, a city spokesman said.

The city will begin work to build the Mt. Cheonju trail next year, after obtaining permission from owners of the mountain.
In addition, work to build the Mt. Bulmo trail will start next year, the spokesman said.
♣Steps for more use of the trek course and safety measures
The city has worked out not only steps to help citizens visit the trek course easily but also put in safety measures.
Ten information boxes will be established to minimize the inconvenience to visitors. A certification program will be introduced for each trail. If visitors finish the entire 113.4km course, they will be given souvenirs, the spokesman said.
The city will endeavor to a masterpiece trek course to fit Changwon, a mega city with a population of 1.1 million, by opening a website to provide a network of information on the trails and sowing green tea seeds in major sections to serve as venues of experiences for citizens.
As part of safety measures, CCTVs will be installed at entrances and exits of trails, the Jinhae Dream Road, and the Gaeumjeong and the Daesang parks, the spokesman said.


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