2012 Changwon Festival to fill streets with youth

The 2012 Changwon Festival will be held on Jungang Daero street and in other downtown areas of the city for two days from Oct. 27 as an event pumping the festive mood in the deepening of autumn tinted with colorful leaves.
As the nation’s largest street parade, the festival is held to commemorate spirit and wisdom of Korean ancestors in the region. Changwon has two typical features; one is iron culture developed from ancient times and another is Changwon has been created in a planned urban project amid building of the national industrial complex there.

A float parade, the main event of the annual Changwon Festival is seen in 2011 festival

In this connection, “Dream of Iron, Bright City” has become the theme of the 2012 Changwon Festival. Dream of Iron means that Changwon has developed as the industrial city recognized by the world as the main venue of iron production in the era of Sam Han (three Han states) in the 2nd and 3rd century B.C. Bright City means that Changwon will become a model world-level city as “the environmental capital city,” under which human beings live in the sound environment from now on.

he main event of the festival is a float parade representing the main features of Changwon. There will  be more than 50 teams, including performance groups selected in nationwide contests, voluntary participating units and corporate teams representing the region. As a result, an estimated 6,000 participants will join the festival.
The parade will culminate with the “hope-praying pinwheel corps,” which is composed of volunteer participants from all walks of life in the city, pray for 2013 full of hope.
Besides these, there will be a venue of harmony and sharing with the “Changwon-love plaza” where citizens will get together at Yongji Culture Park, along with the contest for dancing and singing of citizens.

A variety of farmers’ folk dance teams from across the city perform during the Changwon Festival last year.

Traffic will be banned on the Juangang Daero street between the provincial government building of South Gyeongsang Province and City Hall from 1a.m., Oct. 26, till 7 a.m. Oct. 29. Citizens and tourists are advised to use buses or city-rent bicycles to enjoy the festival at the Changwon Plaza, where traffic will be restricted from 4 p.m. to 8 p.m., Oct. 27.


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