12th Gagopa Chrysanthemum festival biggest ever to open on Oct. 26

A pair of phoenixes are shaped with chrysanthemum flowers

A mammoth chrysanthemum flower festival will be held from Oct. 26 through Nov. 4 at Pier No. 1 of Masan Port.
The 12th Gagopa Chrysanthemum Festival, which has been designated as the promising festival for a second consecutive year by the Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism, will feature some 90,000 floral works at the main venue and 670,000 works on display across the city, making it the biggest-ever, escalating the festive mood in the area.

This year’s festival is under the theme “flower of hope, flower of harmony and flower of prosperity” with a corresponding slogan of “spirit of purity, beauty of faithfulness and fragrance of love.”

The Grand Work of Daryun (multi-circle) under the roof is comprised of 1,399 flowers on one root, which was registered on the Guinness World Records in 2011.

The lineup of activities include festival eve commemoration, an opening ceremony, grand contest of chrysanthemum works, special events, cultural events and other hands-on experience events.
As a single flower item of chrysanthemum, it will be the largest of its kind in the country, comprised of eight themes by flower zone ¬ Changwon, Korea, World, Ancient Times Expedition, Masterpiece, multi-circle flower, special and general, making it standout among similar chrysanthemum flower festivals in the country.
Last year, the Grand Work of Daryun (multi-circle), comprised of a total of 1,399 flowers, which bloomed in one chrysanthemum root, was posted on the Guinness World Records 2011. People are keen on whether the record will be broken or not this year.
The city has set the goal of more than 1,500 flowers in the grand work for this year. Visitors will enjoy watching the grand work of chrysanthemum flowers at World Zone.

Hangeul(Korean alphabet) theme zone

The city will open a PR hall on chrysanthemum industry to promote sales of commodities involving the flower and a hall for decoration with flowers with potted chrysanthemum, wild flowers and potted trees to attract visitors. The 4th flower contest will also be held to develop the flower industry coupled with discovering new floral talents.
The city will also arrange other performances at events, such as chrysanthemum flagrance concert, fireworks at the Bay of Happo, and invitation of pop singers to a singing festival, expected to produce emotion that will harmonize with an autumn night.
As sideline events, there will be a display of Korean classical music, Yeongnam (Gyeongsang Provinces)-Honam (Jeolla Provinces) Sori (sound of voice and music) Festival, Starking Solomon Concert, chrysanthemum writing contest and poem recital.


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