Hyundai Wisco : Korea’s largest forging company

Hyundai Wisco, which started as a joint venture between Korea and Japan in Changwon in October 1974, is the nation’s largest company that specializes in forging into auto part products. Since its foundation, the company has concentrated on forging, processing and assembling basic parts and components of automobiles for 38 years, growing into a most specialized car parts maker true to its name. Armed with the nation’s best technology and largest facilities, the company is awash with orders placed by carmakers not only at home but also from abroad, which have firm trust in the excellent quality of Hyundai Wisco products.    
The company, which takes great pride in its state-of-the-art facility, superb technology and efficiently-arranged manufacturing environment comparable to best forging companies in the world, has long become the fieldtrip destination and benchmarking model of both local and foreign car parts makers
The company underwent tough times when dealing with creditors, but normalized its management soon by becoming a member of Hyundai Motor Group in 2001 and has never looked back since. While focusing on the specialized production of forged car parts, often called the light and salt of the motor industry, the company has established an integrated production system of processing and assembling engine and transmission parts and is transforming itself into a global auto parts maker.

This is an overview of Hyundai Wisco, Korea’s largest and most specialized auto parts maker by forging, headquartered at the Changwon Industrial Complex in South Gyeongsang Province.

▶ Zero defect
Quality is the life of automobiles. The quality mindsets of Hyundai Wisco employees, who inject their souls and spirits into each and every auto part they make, lie with their craftsmanship. The company’s employees work with the recognition that “I produce parts and components for the cars that carry my family, my neighbors and myself” which leads to strong pride and passion for their products to establish the company’s “quality-first” tradition. Starting with the acquisition of the 100 ppm (parts per million) quality management certificate in 1997, Hyundai Wisco continued to win QS9000 in 1999, ISO 14001 environmental management certificate in 2003, and TS16949 quality management certificate in 2005. Now, the company has shifted to a quality management system, making all stages ranging from design and manufacture to marketing transparent to establish substantive guarantee system, and going all out to keep realizing customer-oriented management with top-quality products. Instead of remaining content with the present quality level, the company is also conducting the “WQ-250” campaign aimed at reducing clients’ claims by 50 percent in two years.

CEO Bae In-kyu vows to model a company that makes it possible for its employees to realize their dreams.

▶ Emerges as environment-friendly company with technology to reduce weights of car parts
The biggest concern of today’s auto engineering is how to reduce or eliminate NVH (noise, vibration and harshness) occurring in engines, suspensions and chassis. To improve NVH problems, Hyundai Wisco has been pushing for lightening its parts and components, and, as part of such efforts, the company upgraded its forging technology for crank shafts and started mass production in the latter half of 2011. To further reduce the weight of motor vehicles, the company is also stepping up efforts to develop technology that can be applied to aluminum forging technology for arms, links and wheels.
▶ Model company with labor stability that has had no strikes for the past 26 years
The company’s strong performance amid increasingly fierce global competition and worldwide economic recession can also be attributed to its exemplary labor-management relationship that has experienced no labor turmoil since its labor union was organized 26 years ago. It was selected as the “Outstanding Company in Labor-Management Culture in 2012,” by the Busan Office for Employment and Labor. 

Employees work on the different assembly lines, which can simultaneously produce parts for various auto models.

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