Multiracial families experience Korean traditions

Changwon invited 30 multiracial families to an event on Korean traditions on July 26.
The families started with etiquette lessons, such as drinking tea, wearing “hanbok,” or Korean traditional dress, and bowing on their knees, at the folk education center with instructor Lee Shin-ja of the Institute of Gyeongnam Culture.
This was followed by a tour of the traditional House of Changwon, where the guide explained its heritage and Korean customs.
The participants went on a trip to the Changwon History and Folklore Center to learn about the city’s history and folk traditions. The program ended with a visit to a Buddhist temple.
“This experience helped me understand Korean culture,” said an immigrant woman who participated with her daughter. “I have become attached to Changwon by learning about its history and development.”
“We’ll continue to look for new approaches to help multicultural families settle down in Changwon and live happily together,” said Jeong Hui-pan, the head of Seongsan-gu.

Foreign immigrant wives practice bowing in a Korean tradition experience class on July 26.

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