Japanese middle schoolers home-stay in Changwon

Eight Japanese middle school students in traditional Korean costume from Himeji City, sister city of Changwon in Japan, pose with their Korean friends in front of the House of Changwon during their home-stay tour in the city.

Eight middle school students from Himeji City in Hyogo prefecture of Japan toured Changwon July 24-30 on a home-stay program.
With diverse cultural experience and tours, they were able to understand more about Korea and Changwon during their one-week stay, said a city spokesman.
With the help of their Korean partners, the Japanese students experienced Korean culture, such as wearing traditional Korean costume, making shaved ice desert, patbingsu, and attending dance classes to become like K-pop stars. They also toured the Changwon Science Center, Jinhaeru, a traditional pavilion along a river, and the Changwon Shooting Range.
The youth exchange program not only promotes friendship and cooperation between countries involved but also helps them build up their global leadership through enhanced sense on the international community.
The two cities have exchanged students in summer and winter every year since 2001 under the home-stay program, through which a total of 191 students visited each other’s city on 23 occasions, helping them build their friendship across the border.


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