Ungcheon pottery kiln museum becomes popular to students

Students make pots with clay at the Ungcheon Pottery Kiln Museum in Jinhae. The museum has been popular, attracting about 1,700 visitors since it opened in November last year.

About 1,700 visitors flocked over to make their own ceramics at Ungcheon Pottery Kiln Museum since the museum opened in  Jinhae-gu, Changwon Nov. 23,  2011.

The museum has a two-story exhibition building, four earthenware-making halls, a kiln and a trail. The museum aims at promoting the Ungcheon Pottery Kiln Site, the provincial monument No. 160 of South Gyeongsang Province. 
The museum has a collection of about 80 pieces of earthenware and  offers pottery-making classes.
The daily class comprises of drawing on the pots, making pots with hand or by using a spin wheel, which participants are free to choose. Three-month regular courses are also offered to beginners and advanced learners, once a week.

 The number of visitors is likely to increase further, especially with many students and families coming to enjoy their summer vacation, said a museum spokesperson.


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