Onggigol Yennal Babsang (옹기골 옛날 밥상)(Old School Home Cooking)

Sometimes you miss home cooking more than fanciful and artificial dishes. Simple but nicely prepared, bored but healthy dish.
You can see dishes like Korean beef, naengmyeon (냉면, Korean cold noodles), red clay kiln duck, and old school meal at Onggigol Old School Home Cooking.
At Onggigol Old School Home Cooking, you can enjoy nicely prepared old school meals, which are easy on your stomach.

□ Main dishes: Hanjeongsik, Red clay duck
□Rooms: 230 seats / 12 rooms
□ Opening hours: 11:30~22:00
□ Address: 212-2, Yoolti-ri, Jinjeon-myeon, Masanhappo-gu(212-2, 율티리, 진전면, 마산합포구)

□ 055-271-0594


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