City to build ‘Changwon Industrial History Museum’

Seen is an artist’s concept of the Changwon Industrial History Museum

City to build ‘Changwon Industrial History Museum’
Changwon City has actually set up a plan to build Changwon Industrial History Museum as a model project of greater Changwon.
The city held a reporting session on where to locate the museum, finishing the feasibility study for about six months since last November.
The museum has focused on integration of the three different cities into greater Changwon, which all the citizens may feel homogeneity. The three were the industrial city of smaller Changwon and traditional cities of Jinhae and Masan.
In particular, it has emphasized the aspect of the industrial history, encompassing the city’s unique history and culture – namely creation of the smaller Changwon as an industrial city.
The museum will be a two-story building with a total floor space of 17,500 square meters on 35,000 square meters of lot, based on its population and possible number of visitors. Other public museums have been taken into account. 
“If all the process is done as planned, construction would start in 2014 and will be completed in 2016,” said a spokesperson of the city. “When the museum is built, visitors will be able to see the past and present of the Masan Free Trade Zone and Changwon National Industrial Complex. The museum will be a specialized one showing the history in industrial and economic aspect of the integrated Changwon, making it another landmark and enhancing the city’s status one step higher.”


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