Changwon project to create the best village spreads nationwide

The 5th National Village-Making Contest took place at the Changwon Exhibition Convention Center in Chang-dong, Changwon, from June 7 to 9. Around 200 town government offices and civic groups along with 3,000 residents took part in the event.
For the first time, the contest to create a rural-centric village was moved to an urban area. Changwon, which led the movement for a greener environment, hosted this year’s contest instead of Jinan, North Jeolla Province, to find alternatives to foster more rural areas within the city.
“I hope the contest will encourage residents to participate in the recovery of the village community,” said Changwon Mayor Park Wan-su in his opening comments. “I expect Changwon to be at the center of the movement to create village-like neighborhoods within a metropolis.”
After the opening ceremony, those who worked in fields related to nurturing village life shared their experiences in a talk show at the Changwon Exhibition Convention Center. A culture festival and a village talent show were held on Changdong Street.
At a café and small theater on Changdong Street the organizers scheduled 13 seminars on a wide range of topics, including modern cultural heritage, environmental and residential environments, local food and the village library.
Participants in the contest gained hands-on know-how by exploring the village, the alleys and ditch restoration.


Changwon Mayor Park Wan-su and other guests cut the tape to open the 5th National Village Making Contest at Changwon Exhibition Convention Center on June 7.


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