Married immigrant woman becomes city official

Changwon City has employed a woman who obtained her Korean citizenship by naturalization by marrying a Korean man, the first of its kind in the city.
 The city selected Kim Mi-hwa (her Chinese name is Jin Meihua, 37) as a period contract civil servant, after document screening and interviews. The city announced the recruitment in April.
 Kim was born in Longjing, Yanbian Korean Autonomous Prefecture in northeast China, and graduated from Yanbian University majoring in education. She taught for seven years in China. In 2004, she entered Korea after marrying her husband. A married immigrant, she is fluent in Korean and has a child in first grade in primary school. She currently manages a language class for gifted children at a Changwon multicultural family center.

Changwon Mayor Park Wan-su, shakes hands with Kim Mi-hwa, 37, (Jin Meihua in Chinese) after presenting a certificate as a Changwon city official. She is the first married immigrant woman ever employed at Changwon City.

  Kim will be assigned to the section for Gender Equality and Family of the city in charge of multicultural family affairs. She will deal with affairs involving multicultural families so that they can more easily adapted themselves to Korean culture and manage comfortable Korean life.
 “The number of multicultural families is growing. We need to set up a network through which we can help those in need,” said Mayor Park Wan-su.


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