“Road of Hope” to provide bicycles to children overseas

Green Umbrella Child Fund Korea, a children’s charity, launched “March with Lee Hong-ryul on Hope Road Across the Country” at Changwon City Hall on May 8, with the goal of providing bicycles to children in Africa and Asia.
The month-long event aims to raise money for children who have no means of transportation to go to school. The project also seeks to provide continuous social support for poverty-stricken children. 

Members of Green Umbrella Child Fund Korea release colorful balloons, a symbol of hope, into the sky as they launch the “Road of Hope” campaign, for providing bicycles to needy African and Southeast Asian countries, in Changwon on May 8.

The South Gyeongsang Province branch of Green Umbrella first donated 100 bicycles in order to give back to the community and help children around the world. Other donor companies based in Changwon are Corea Out-sourcing Supervision Service (COSS), Kyongnam Bank and Gorye Iron and Steel.
“March with TV celebrity Lee Hong-ryul” continued from Busan to Seoul with the goal of raising 100 million won to buy 1000 bicycles for needy African and Asian children. The campaign was also aimed at participants to experience how long children in Africa and Sri Lanka have to walk to get to school every day. People were also encouraged to donate online or through other events.  A fund representative later said that 295 million won was raised.
“Changwon will take the lead to support poor countries with bicycles,” said Mayor Park Wan-su. “We encourage citizens and corporations in the city to constantly participate in this good cause so children, not only in Korea but also in other countries, can receive more chances to learn at school.”


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