Changwon takes a leap for renewable energy

Mayer Park Wansu, second from left, and Kyungnam Energy CEO Jung Yeon-uk shake hands after signing a pact to develop biogas fuel, in Changwon on May 21.

A 1.2MW solar power plant has been built on the rooftop of the Deok-dong Sewage Disposal Facility building near a sedimentation basin, a Changwon City spokesman said. 
The power plant, built by Kyung Nam Energy Co., is capable of generating 1,664MWh, equivalent to a year’s supply of electricity to 450 urban households with four members.  

 The power plant is equipped with a highly-efficient power generation device that enables it to revolve in accordance with the angle of the sun.
The power plant will enable the city to reduce carbon dioxide output by 750 tons per year, which is equivalent to planting about 63,000 pine trees, the spokesman said.
By registering with the Clean Development Mechanism (CDM) system, the city will secure 7,500 tons of certified gas emission reductions, he said.

Mayer Park Wansu, third fron left, and other city officials tour a solar power plant built in the rooftop of the Deok-dong Sewage Disposal Facility building.

Meanwhile Mayor Park and Chung Yeun-wook, CEO of Kyung Nam Energy Co., have signed a pact to develop biogas fuel with private investment. The signing ceremony took place on May 21.   
The Deokdong Sewage Disposal Facility will spend 8.6 billion won, including money from the state coffer, to improve extinguishment facilities for its sewage sludge. The extinguishment of sewage sludge will generate 13,000 cubic meters of biogas, a city spokesman said.
Of them, 3,000 cubic meters of biogas will be used to provide energy to the sewage disposal plant. Kyung Nam Energy will buy the remaining 10,000 cubic meters of biogas, which will become fuel through a refining process. The company will invest 8.2 billion won to build refining and supply facilities.
Work to build facilities for the biogas fuel project will start this month. Completion (supply of fuel) is due in March next year.   
After the dedication of those facilities, refined biogas fuel will be supplied to 200 intra-city buses per day. The amount is equivalent to fuel supplied to 3,000 urban households a day, the spokesman said.
With sales of 3.3 million cubic meters of refined biogas per year, the city will earn 83 million won and secure 4,360 tons in certified gas emission reductions.
A city official said, “Through the continuous development of green energy, Changwon will do its best to become a green growth industrial city.”


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