Sirubong Garden(시루봉 가든)

The owner always serves premium food with his experience of more than 20 years as a chef.
The restaurant is famous for hanbang suyuk or sliced duck meat with herbs, and hanbang baeksuk or boiled duck in herbal soup.

Hanbang baeksuk (한방백숙)is a healthy food made with duck boiled with black sesame and a variety of medicinal herbs in a pressure cooker for one and half hours. Hanbang suyuk was the winner of the gold prize a the local food contest in South Gyeongsang Province in May, 2011.

Vistors should get reservations to enjoy the meal on weekends. They have to pay 40,000 for each dish for four persons.

□ Main dishes : sliced duck meat with  herbs, boiled duck in herbal soup
□ Rooms : 120seats/5rooms
□ Opening hours : 11:00-22:00
□ Address : 287-6, Jaeun-dong Jinhae-gu(287-6, 자은동, 진해구)
☎ 055-545-5388


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