S&T Dynamics’ take-off as a global maker

Visitors view S&T Dynamics’ booth during the International Manufacturing Technology Show 2012 in Chicago.

Since its establishment in 1959, S&T Dynamics has served as the front-runner of Korea’s precision machinery industry by providing highly-reliable defense industry goods, superior-quality powertrains for commercial vehicle, hyper-precision machine tool and mid- to large-sized casting products and taking the lead in the industry’s development. S&T Dynamic’s predecessor, Tongil Heavy Industry, was in danger of bankruptcy in 1998, but overcame the crisis through a successful merger and acquisition to normalize management in 2003.    
Based on the founding spirit of “patriotic service through technology” advocated by S&T Group Chairman Choi Pyeong-kyu, the company’s management turned around to a black ink in 2004 right after the M&A, and has recorded profits for seven years in a row until 2010. Its debt-to-equity ratio also plunged from a hefty 1,927 percent in 2002 to 54.5 percent as of last yearend. Starting in August 2010, the company has realized management without borrowing, succeeding in the establishment of stable financial structure, too.     
As the nation’s only specialized maker of powertrains for the defense industry and heavy firearms, S&T Dynamics has been developing and supplying highly-reliable defense industry goods since it was designated as a national defense firm in 1973. Particularly, the 1,500-horsepower, six-gear automatic transmission for K2 Tanks developed independently by S&T Dynamics is a masterpiece weapon highlighting the world-class technology of S&T Dynamics who has enjoyed the status of originator of defense industry for the past 40 years. Also, the company’s automatic artillery system, ranging from 12.7-mm K6 heavy machine guns to the main armament of 40-mm K21 armored combat vehicle, have been enhancing their brand values in global defense good markets because of their high firing and accuracy rates and easy operability. 

S&T Dynamics’ independent suspension axle enjoys global reputation in competiveness.

S&T Dynamic’s commercial powertrain business, on the basis of “3-3-3 global matrix” marketing strategy, is expanding its share in the three major commercial vehicle markets of the world. The company has made successful advances in North America, Europe and Asia, the three global markets of Daimler Benz Truck, the world’s No 1 maker of commercial vehicles. It is also expanding order receipts from such global makers as John Deere of the United States, MAN of Germany and Mitsubishi Fuso of Japan. In addition, the company is developing up-to-second commercial vehicles, such as environment-friendly powertrains, multi-stage gearboxes and axles for large trucks, and independent suspension axles for specialty vehicles, firming up its global reputation as a specialized powertrain maker. 

This is ST-25/35 vertical CNC lathe, one of the machine tools of highest demand.

S&T Dynamics is “Korea’s powerhouse of machine tool” true to its name. Since it was designated as the all-round and specialized maker of machine tools, the company has developed state-of-the-art machine tool products to take the lead in the domestic machine tool industry by, for instance, independently developing CNC machining center in 1979, and localizing CNC controller in 1987 for the first time in the nation. Particularly, super-size CNC vertical lathe and hyper-size, environment-friendly machine tool such as SGM-3500 gear-cutting machine have been solidifying their brand creditworthiness because of their high performance and reliability.

S&T Dynamics’ independent suspension axle enjoys global reputation in competiveness.

 Besides, the company is stepping up efforts to develop future growth engines for sustainable growth in the 2010s, in such new frontiers as environment-friendly wind-power powertrains and titanium tubes. Especially, wind-power powertrain sector is S&T Dynamics’ next-generation mainstay business promoted through the fusion and combination of the company leading-edge core technology in powertrains. For this, the company has already finished detailed designing and turned out a mock-up. S&T Dynamics plans to win international certification by the end of this year and begin to supply its mid- to large-sized wind-power powertrains to the domestic and foreign wind power plants one after another.


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