People may become fatigued in both body and mind when the seasons change. You may think about stimulating food for restoring your health. The milky-white soup with sliced spring onions is a healthy food during the chilly season.

Pujuok specializes in “doganitang(도가니탕),” a soup made of a variety of beef cuts, such as hoof, knee cartilage, shank and brisket, simmered for more than 12 hours in a large black cauldron. Pujuok sells delicious soup for the heart and mind of its clients.

 □ Major dish: Seolleongtang(설렁탕), Doganitang(도가니탕)
 □ Hall: 200 seats
 □ Opening hours: 08:00 ~ 22:00

 □ Address : 11-6, yong-ho-dong, uichang-gu(11-6, 용호동, 의창구)
 ☎ 055-266-4121

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