Youth program for 2012 E. Asian Seas Congress

About 1,500 experts from East Asian countries  and international organizations will attend the East Asian Seas Congress 2012 slated for 13 days in Changwon from July 9.
They will seek ways of developing a sustainable marine economy for East Asian countries, while discussing issues involving the marine environment.

To mark the largest-ever Asian marine gathering, Changwon has been operating a course on coastal wetlands to educate young people so that they might become interested in their region’s marine environment.
The program, “Changwon, marine environment city, and course on coastal wetlands,” has been available for students from elementary schools to universities for five months until July at the Bongam Gaetbeol (wetland) eco-learning and experience center.
Young students will be able to observe a variety of wetland flora and fauna, such as waterfowl, macro-organisms and plants in, on and near the seabed. They will be encouraged to make models of wetland creatures and map marine creatures to become familiar with the sea, wetlands, and the variety of organisms that live there.

College students look at creatures in wetlands during a program on coastal wetlands the city offers to promote their importance.

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