Dancing Yongji Lake – fountain music show fantastic

As spring comes, Uichang District Office is presenting a music water show, a combination of dark night sky, light and water, with an artificial fountain in Yongji Park for residents and tourists.
The music fountain has embroidered the night sky with colorful laser beams and attractive water screens twice every evening – 30 minutes each time – since March 15 and will last through the end of November.
This year, the authorities concerned have prepared a new program composed of five pieces of pop and jazz music.
The floating music fountain, built on Yongji Lake, is 80 meters long and 3 meters in wide. The fountain will shoot water up to 50 meters in tune to the lighting and music.

An artificial fountain shoots water high in a music water show held to mark the onset of spring. The music water show will continue every evening through Nov. 30.

Performing hours are as follows
• Operating days : March 15, ~ Nov. 30 (Closed on rainy days and third Monday of every month)
• Operating hours; March 15 ~ May 14/ 19:30~20:00, 20:30~21:00
  – May 15 ~ Sept. 14/ 20:30~21:00, 21:30~22:00
  – Sept.15 ~ Oct. 21/ 20:00~20:30, 21:00~21:30
  –  Nov. 1~30/ 19:00~19:30, 20:00~20:30


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