Electric car likes ‘one stone with two birds’

Electric vehicles under test run by City Hall have emerged as an alternative to gasoline cars in the high oil price era. It has been found that the electric car cuts both the emission of carbon gases and fuel costs.
The city has been running 40 electric cars with 42 battery chargers since last December, as the Ministry of Environment of the central government designated the city as a leading user of electric vehicles.
Marking the 100th day of running the electric vehicles, the city has compared electric and gasoline ones. The electric vehicles cut gasoline costs by 10,145,000 won and reduced 11.6 tons of carbon dioxide, when the gasoline price is 2,000 won a liter. Ordinary  cars run one kilometer per liter of oil and produces 230g per kilometer.
City officials were reluctant to use the electric vehicles in earlier days due to inconvenience in recharging batteries but have opted for the vehicles due to soaring oil prices. An electric car ran 21.2 km one day on average in February, up 17.1 kms in January and 16.7 kms in December, showing a steady increase.

A group of electric vehicles that Changwon City has been running for public services by its officials.

In addition, as much as 69.1 percent of the users replied that they were satisfied with the electric vehicles. But it is pointed out that it takes longer time in recharging, total running distance at one battery charging is short and after-sale service time is longer.
The city plans to introduce an additional 20 electric vehicles this year to spread the favorable atmosphere for the new vehicles.
“The city has introduced electric vehicles as part of ‘three green premium goods'(public bicycle, electric scooter) to make the city the environmental capital of Changwon,” said an official. It is confirmed that electric vehicles are environmentally-friendly transportation means appropriate for high fuel price era despite the fact that it has its own shortfalls.


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