Sea sports festival open Changwon’s spring

Marine sports festivals will steal the hearts of Changwon citizens in April. Beginning with a national sailing competition, the city will enter into annual sea sports festivities in earnest.

◆ The 16th National Yacht Championship for the Chief of Naval Operations Cup (April 26-May 1, the Naval Academy)

Opening this year’s events will be the “National Yacht Championship for Chief of Naval Operations Cup,” which will be held for six days from April 26 to May 1 at the Naval Academy. Inaugurated in Suyeong Bay, Busan, in 1996, the national competition has been held in Jinhae since 2008.

The Navy Headquarters and Korea Sailing Federation will co-host the competition, divided into three events, 19 classes and 43 divisions, under the joint sponsorship of Changwon City, the Naval Academy and South Gyeongsang Sailing Association. The organizers will make efforts to elevate the championship from a simple competition to a festivity that expands the basis of marine sports as well as enhance harmony among citizens, officialdom and the military. They will open up the Naval Academy and hold various events for the visitors, including visits to museums and a turtle ship, getting aboard a warship and the exhibition of marine sports equipment. In addition, the participants will be able to experience making miniatures with paper, pop arts, balloon arts, caricatures and yacht rides.

◆ The 6th Yacht & Boat Korea (May 10-13, Changwon Convention Center, Jinhaeru, Jinhae-gu)

The “Sixth Yacht & Boat Korea” will be held at Changwon Convention Center in a land exhibition and in front of Jinhaeru, Jinhae-gu, for a marine exhibition, from May 10 to May 13, co-hosted by South Gyeongsang Province and Changwon City. Also called “Yacht & Boat Korea 2012,” the annual event will be a more fruitful one than before, as organizers have prepared various programs in cooperation with foreign partners to realize their core vision of internationalization and industrialization.

In particular, the organizers will set up a separate display pavilion for South Gyeongsang Province to allow local maritime sports equipment makers exhibit their yachts and accessories, and develop new marketing routes.

As part of business programs to help develop the domestic marine sports industry, they will also hold a conference for cultivating the sea leisure equipment industry, an open seminar for super-yachts, a global marina forum and an open house for participants.

To improve the level of the boat show and enhance its status as an international exhibition through official exchanges with renowned foreign boat shows, South Gyeongsang Province and Changwon City are pushing to join the International Federation of Boat Show Organizers (IFBSO), the only such organization in the world.

The 5th Yacht & Boat Korea(2011)


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